Big names with big dreams celebrate results, share their 2022 KCSE success secrets

Overall, Nyanza schools of Nyambaria, Cardinal Otunga and Asumbi Girls cumulatively produced 840 candidates scoring grade A and A-. Sironga Girls, St Pauls Igonga and Kanga High are some of the top Nyanza performers.

Nyamira County was the toast of the nation with Nyambaria at the top of the country, with 28 of its candidates getting straight As and some 383 A-. This translates to a mean score of 10,897. Previous year they had a mean score of 9.308, a leap of 1.58.

Mobamba High School, a county school in Kisii County, posted mean score of 9.284 from previous 5.15. This translates to a leap of 4.12. Rigoko Day Secondary School in Borabu, Nyamira County had a mean score of 9.0 (B plain).

All the 52 students who sat the 2022 national exam at Rigoko Day Secondary School attained mean grade C+ (plus) and above, thus qualifying for university admission.

Mang'u High, from Kiambu County produced 81 students with A plain and 192 A-, posted a mean grade of 10.366 points up from 10.28. Alliance Boys High School had 77 candidates score straight A's and some 145 had A - (minus) and a mean score of 10.2. Previous year, school had 10.01.

Kagumo High, a national school in Nyeri County, reported 19 plain As and 100 students scored an A- while the 112 students scored a B+. Principal Silas Mwirigi said: "These are our grades and we accept them, as a school we live to fight another day and do better next year."

Nairobi School, had 39 A's and 120 A-, posting a mean of 9.54 up from 9.0 previous year. Pangani Girls produced 20 students with A plain last year down from the previous year's 29. The school posted a mean grade of 9.554 down from the previous year's 9.589.

Our Lady of Mt Carmel Maryhill Girls had 18A's and 65 A-with a mean score of 9.23, a drop from 9.512 previous year. Rockfields Senior School had six students with a mean grade of A plain, 43 got an A- (minus), posting a mean of 10.309. Previous year school had a mean score of 10.2.

Still in Nyanza, Maranda High School and Maseno School had the highest number of A plains. Although, they were shoved aside by Nyambaria National School for the mean scores, their straight As were more.

Maranda had 68 straight As while Maseno got 48 A plain. Maranda had 143 students with A minus. In 2021, Maseno had 20 A plain. Maseno Deputy Principal Peter Nyawach said they had registered 552 candidates for the exam and at least 133 candidates scored A- (minus).

"We had a slightly bigger number of candidates of 552 this year compared to 547, and am glad to say we are happy that our students have performed better than last year," Nyawach said.

The deputy principal attributed the good results to hard work, teamwork, dedicated teachers, parents and disciplined candidates.

In Kisii, Cardinal Otunga had 28 learners with A plain. Kisii High, another traditional powerhouse, had 22 learners with straight A plain. The school was among the top performers in Gusii region with a mean of 9.12.

In Homa Bay, Orero Boys, a traditional top performer in the region, had 14 students with straight As while Mbita High bagged 15 straight As. The school got a mean of 9.4.

Principal Dickens Bula said: "We have always put more efforts in ensuring the school is consistent. This consistency has given our school the good reputation it enjoys today," Mr Bula said.

Agoro Sare, another top performer in Homa Bay, bagged 12 As. Moi High School Kabarak posted a mean score of 10.13, an improvement from the previous year's performance. The school managed 33 A plain, 135 A-minus and 84B. Principal Elisheba Cheruiyot said the school had 351 candidates.

Anestar Boys in Nakuru County, which had an enrollment of 295 candidates, recorded a mean of 9.52 compared to the previous year when it had a mean of 9.39 with an enrollment of 316 candidates.

"From the 295 candidates, we had 268 of them score a mean grade of C Plus and above. This was an impressive performance considering the tight term dates they were subjected to," said the school director Mary Gatimu.

Nyahururu High School improved from 7.08 in 2021 to 7.2 in 2022 with 62.7 percent of the students scoring above C+.Michael Kinyua, the school's Chief Principal said three of the students scored A's, two got A- and 16 candidates scored B+.

Kisima Mixed Secondary in Nyandarua County recorded a mean Score 9.11 in 2022 from 8.9 in 2021. Principal Daniel Amunga said the 2022 results were among the best in the school's history.

Mary Mother of Grace in Laikipia got a mean of 8.6 in 2022 from 8.5 in 2021 while Ndururumo High School, also in Laikipia County got a mean of 7.73 in 2022 from 7.4 in 2021.

Sacho High School improved from 7.45 in 2021 to 8.23 last year. It had a total of 191 candidates in 2022 from 134 candidates in 2021. In Sacho one student scored A (Plain), nine A- (Minus), 22 B+ and 42 B.

Kabarnet Boys High School improved from a Mean Score of 7.65 in 2021 to 7.99 in 2022. The school recorded one A, four A-(Minus), 34 B+, 80B and 85B- (Minus). Tenwek High School in Bomet County improved from a mean Score of 8.38 in 2021 to 8.75 in 2022.

Ruth Kiptui High School in Baringo County got a mean of 8.8 having previously scored 7.73. Among the straight As in Nandi, Kapsabet Boys produced 52, Kapsabet Girls 2, Samoei 3, St Joseph Chepterit Girls 2.

In Uasin Gishu County, Moi Girls Eldoret had 21, AIC Chebisaas Boys 4. In Elgeyo Marakwet County, St Patrick's High Iten scored 4 straight As while Chewoiyet, in West Pokot County produced one A.

In Trans Nzoia, St Anthony produced 41 straight As, St Brigid Girls 10, St Joseph Boys 2. In Nandi County, Samoei High School pulled a surprise in the results, making an improvement from a mean score of 8.5 in 2021 to 9.8 mean score in 2022.

"We had set a target of 9.4 but our candidates attained 9.8, giving us a bonus and we are happy of the outcome. For a while, our school has been silent despite having a big name," Mr Kiptoo Kimosop, the principal told The Sunday Standard yesterday.

At Kapsabet Girls, Principal Mary Kiprop said they were sure of good results. "Of the 328 candidates in 2021, 323 achieved university cut-off mark of C+ and above, while 5 had C (plain). In the 2022 examination, we had 322 candidates and 320 scored C+ and above, while two had C (plain)," said Kiprop.

Mr Peter Rotich, the Principal of St Patrick's Iten said a mean of 8.36 achieved by 447 was a good record for the school.

Kapsabet Boys Chief Principal Kipchumba Maiyo said the school had a slight drop but said there is room for improvement. "Candidates in 2022 had the shortest time to prepare since there was two examination classes in the year," he said.

In Western, Butere Girls High School was among top performers with 16 candidates scoring straight As. The school posted a mean score of 8.6, an improvement from the last 2021 examination where it had 8.3.

School Deputy Principal Paula Anyiso told said a mentorship programme they incorporated into their curriculum made the girls disciplined and helped them to record exemplary results.

Kakamega Boys which had 489 candidates had six candidates score straight As. The school had a mean score of 8.2. St Peters Mumias Boys with 423 candidates registered one straight A just like Booker Academy also in Mumias West constituency.

St Peters Mumias Boys Deputy Principal Joel Mukoche said the school had a mean score of 8.1 a slight improvement from last exam' 8.0. In Vihiga County, Bunyore Girls, a national school proved its worth by producing six straight As to match a mean score of 8.6.

Nyang'ori Boys' also in Vihiga managed one A plain. In Bungoma County, Friends School Kamusinga produced 11 straight As among its 477 candidates. Lugulu Girls High school had four As with an overall mean grade of 8.6.

In the same county, St Mary's Kibabii Boys' roared back to life with two A plain and a mean grade of 8.9. In Busia, Butula Boys School posted an exemplary performance that saw the school register six straight As while Kolanya Girls High School recorded one A plain.

In Laikipia County, Nanyuki High School reported four scored plain A while 44 students attained A- grades with majority of the class scoring B+ with 56 students attaining the grade.

Meru School also reported a minimal improvement in mean grades with a score of 9.5 points in the 2022 examinations, compared to their score of 8.9 points.