State now releases syllabus for junior secondary learners

Virtual Arts/Performing Arts, Business Studies/Computer Studies taking three, Physical Education and Sports, Health Education, and Religious education will be taught twice while Life Skills Education will come once in a week. The communication further said the JS will have spread lessons in 20 subjects.

"In 2024 and 2025, the same concepts will be taught in at least 20 subjects at Grade 8 and 9 respectively and thereafter in over 30 subjects at Senior Secondary Grade 10, 11 and 12," read the statement.

The institutions say the subjects are geared to give learners informed skills for the labour market.

"The objective of this partnership with the KICD is to prepare and impart young citizens with the capacity to make informed consumer choices at adulthood, especially when faced with different products and services due to increased competition and market complexities."

CAK Director General Wang'ombe Kariuki said it is prudent to teach learners competencies at an early age.

"This is informed by emerging realities, especially in digital financial services. Consumer-related issues affect us all irrespective of age," Kariuki said.