For only Sh37m, you could walk away with a rare book at Sharjah

John Casey, an official with Peter Harrington inspecting some of the rare books being showcased at the 41st edition of the Sharjah International Book Fair in UAE. [Caroline Chebet, Standard]

And if you thought that the art of healing broken souls is the new trend, then you might be wrong. Famously known as The Book of healing the soul, written by Ibn Sina is among some of the oldest yet best preserved books that remained influential then, but also to date. The book described as encyclopeadic guidance of healing or curing ignorance of the soul. Complete with diagrams, Sina documentation is a work of science and philosophy. It is believed that Ibn Sina began writing the book in 1014 and was finally published in 1027.

An army officer's letter to a mother in August 28, 1908 is also one of the highlights of the rare collections that narrates the story of Thomas Edward Lawrence, a soldier and a writer who became renowned for his role during the First World War. Described as "the most beautiful and emotional of his letters, the book is sold for 8,250 Sterling Pounds (Sh1.1m)

Besides the books at the Book Fair whose worth of rarity and prominence rake in millions of shillings, a look in to Peter Harrington's new collections reveal exciting and intriguing materials by reknowned authors. Charles Darwin's book titled 'Origin of Species by means of Natural selection' is described as the most influential scientific work of the 19th century. The book currently sells at 300,000 sterling pounds (Sh40.8m).

The first edition of Nelson Mandela's Long Walk to Freedom is also among rare collections on sale. Mandela's book currently sells at 5,000 sterling pounds (Sh681,000). Beneath layers of the books are some that stood out-the queer and mysterious books of the world. And if you thought books are for the living only, you are wrong! The curiosity and fear of the unknown in the netherworlds inspired ancient Egyptians to pen down guides acting as a guide to afterlife realms.

Manuscriptum, a Polish luxury publishing house, one of the publishers who showcased their rare books at the bookfair have made replicas of this influential books of the history of the Egyptian culture for more than 3000 years.

"Like all of us, people of the ancient Egypt wondered what would happen to them after they died. To alleviate this anxiety about human mortality, a life-affirming religion developed in the ancient Egypt that emphasized the possibility of immortality- an everlasting life in the hereafter among the gods," reads part of text from Google Arts and Culture where the book is featured.