Celebrate but don't forget to spread the Christmas cheer

Kisii Woman Representative Donya Dorice Aburi Distributes food stuff to Riobara residents in Bobasi Constituency ahead of Christmas day. [Sammy Omingo, Standard]

Today is a day of joy for millions of Christians in Kenya and across the world. It's Christmas Day - the day that many of Christians believe Jesus Christ was born 2,023 years ago to save mankind from the shackles of sin.

Besides, attending church services, Christians and even some people who do not subscribe to Christianity, will be partying today. Many Kenyans have travelled upcountry to be with their families and to holiday destinations across the country to make merry.

The mouthwatering smell of roasting goat meat and chapati can be perceived in many homes today. Pubs will also be unusually full in many urban centres as Kenyans celebrate the birth of their saviour in the best way they know how.

However, even as they celebrate, many others will not be able to do so due to different reasons. Children in orphanages and our senior citizens in homes for the elderly will need your help to make this day memorable.

But not only them. This has been a tough year for majority of Kenyans on the economic front. Many people have lost their jobs, businesses have closed down or are not doing well and the high cost of living has pushed many Kenyans into desperation. A protracted drought earlier in the year in several counties did not make matters any better.

To add salt to the injury, the El Niño rains, that are still being experienced in some parts of the country, have brought death and misery instead of relief. They have destroyed crops and building, rendering thousands of people homeless in several counties.

Thousands, if not millions of people, therefore, cannot celebrate Christmas and even the New Year in the traditional Kenyan fashion. Some have no food, no decent clothes, no drinks.

So, even as you eat nyama choma today, remember your neighbour who can't afford even a plate githeri due to the vagaries of the economy and Mother Nature.

Also, as you indulge, spend your money wisely as January is just around the corner and you will need to take your back your children to school. Have a merry Christmas, nevertheless.