We've lost bearing; let us find our moral compass

Junior Sagini whose eyes were gouged out by unknown people at their Ikuruma home in Marani Kisii County. [Sammy Omingo, Standard]

If you want to know how a sick society looks like, you don't have to look far - look at Kenya. There are signs ours is a sick country, and matters will get even worse if the slide is not halted. We are talking about moral decay. The number of killings, most outrightly bizarre, are on the rise. Cases of people killing their lovers or spouses continue to rise unabated.

Just the other day, there were reports that two sisters in Kirinyaga County had attacked and killed a young man they accused of 'double-dealing' them. Why a man would date sisters, or sisters would attack their lover-cum-tormentor to death is mind-boggling.

But it is more shocking as such news no longer jolts Kenyans as it should. Most likely this is because not a week passes without the gory news of an intimate partner attacking each other as they tear asunder their relationships that appear built on quicksand. Going by the frequency of such incidents, it is not hard to tell that a good number of Kenyans have lost a slice of their humanity.

What would make a person to gouge out the eyes of a helpless three-year-old child? As the police continue to look for the person(s) who dug out Sagini's eyes, and left him for the dead, all right-headed people should pose and ask what has gone wrong.

From scores of human bodies dumped in rivers to sexual abuse of minors, which has put thousands of teenage girls in primary and secondary schools in the family way, there is a lot to show our country has lost its moral compass.

We must find it and put our country back on track. Of course, metal health problems have been blamed for some of the killings, especially at family level. This means many attacks can be averted if mental health is addressed. Unfortunately, the government continues to pay lip-service to the problem.

However, many of the ugly incidents are products of moral decadence in society; a society in which human life is losing value. There is need to re-calibrate our moral compass. Political leaders, religious leaders, educationists, sociologists, psychologists, among others, should put their heads together and help our country to change course.