Since 1902

Honour all war veterans

On Wednesday, Mau Mau War veterans paid a courtesy call on President Uhuru Kenyatta at State House.

The role played by the freedom fighters in the fight for self-rule and independence cannot be overemphasised. Many lost their lives, relatives and property. Whereas they fought to be relieved of the yoke of colonialism, most of them have not been emancipated economically. It is saddening most of them live in dejection and abject poverty, in conditions worse than those they fought to free themselves from the whiteman.

Mr Kenyatta's promise to take care of their financial needs and accord them State recognition, though belated, is welcome.

It should be recognised that all freedom fighters did not operate under the Mau Mau banner, but played their part nonetheless. Any recognition and national favours must be extended to these groups for them to feel their efforts were not wasted and that the State cares for them as well.