NHIF payments now on e- citizen through paybill 222222

In response to the government's directive, NHIF members can now make payments through the new pay bill number 222222 on the e-citizen platform.

To streamline payment services for all state agencies, the government mandated using a single digital payment platform on pay bill number 222222 through e-citizen, as communicated in the gazette notice No. 16008 published on 30th December 2022.

The gazette notices also onboarded the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) to the e-citizen platform.

NHIF has made efforts to simplify the payment process for its members. The new e-citizen payment method allows members to pay their contributions conveniently and easily.

NHIF urges members to keep their details updated on the NHIF portal to ensure smooth transactions. Members are also recommended to visit NHIF's website, social media pages, and service outlets to familiarise themselves with the step-by-step guide for the new e-citizen payment platform.

To avoid payment issues, members should enter their national identification number after the entire NHIFM prefix. If making contributions on behalf of others, such as parents or relatives, members should use the prefix NHIFM, followed by the respective member's ID number. Members should use the prefix NHIFP for penalty payments, followed by their ID number.

NHIF emphasizes that its services are now accessible on the E-citizen portal. Therefore, members should log in and follow the instructions diligently to ensure uninterrupted services.