We are on our own, Jeremiah Kioni says

Embattled Jubilee Secretary General Jeremiah Kioni has told Kenyans that they are on their own since the government has failed to uphold the Constitution.

Speaking on Spice FM, the former Ndaragwa MP expressed his dissatisfaction with the Kenya Kwanza government, claiming that they had not only thrown away the Constitution but had also abused the Judiciary.

Kenya Kwanza, according to Kioni, has not allowed Kenyans to picket peacefully, claiming interference and repression of those speaking out against the current government.

"For the reason that we have Article 37 of the Constitution that we had gotten used to reading and thinking that the happenings is (a kawaida) thing that if you want to say no to something nobody will come hunting you down or even putting you behind closed bars and planting bhang on you and even firearms on you,” he said.

“We are living in a situation where the people in power have suspended the Constitution.”

“Today we have people who actually say no to this constitution, at least during that time (Jubilee regime) we never had somebody planting bhang; we never saw vehicles carrying Sudanese number plates being used to chase you down.”

“But am not saying it was right then, it wasn’t even then, it is not right now, this is not the country we want to be in.”

He criticized the police for its brutality against Kenyans protesting, noting that shooting them is wrong because they are merely exercising their constitutional right to picket.

He accused the Judiciary of lacking independence while at the same time calling out parliament for failing to hold the administration accountable.

“Our Members of Parliament have dropped the guard, why we have three arms of government is that we have the balance and checks. It is parliament that should have been able to come strong and tell the executive to hold it, that is beyond, we are not going to pass this budget; we are going to file a motion of impeachment. The tools for checking an excessive Executive exist in Parliament. Parliament abandoned us from day one,” Kioni narrated.

According to Kioni, Kenya’s problems will not be solved simply by changing governments. He said that the government should be held accountable.

“The Judiciary has caved in; nobody has said a word,” he said