Shakahola death toll hits 384 after 12 more bodies exhumed

Shakahola death toll has hit 384. [File, Standaard]

The Shakahola death toll has hit 384 as of Thursday, July 13 ,2023.

This was after homicide detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) exhumed 12 more bodies.

The detectives say the bodies were retrieved from seven graves in a village christened ‘Judea’ and that they are believed to be of followers of cult leader Paul Mackenzie.

The homicide detectives say the work will take much longer than earlier anticipated because new graves are being discovered every day.

''At the beginning of the week, we had 40 new mass graves, but we keep on stumbling on new graves; sometimes we find graves even where we pitch our tents''.

Coast Regional Commissioner Rhoda Onyancha says the number of rescues still remains at 95, arrests at 37 and those who have undergone DNA sampling still remain at 253.

''Those reported to be missing by their loved ones still remain at 613'' she said.

She further says exhumation will continue deeper into the forest.

 Last month Kenya Defence Forces soldiers were deployed to demarcate the 50,000-acre ranch to help in the search and rescue operation.

Earlier on interior cabinet secretary Kithure Kindiki said 40 new mass graves had been identified in the fourth phase of exhumations.