Jitters on Kamumu Dam in Mbeere as politics take center stage

Mbeere North MP Geoffrey Ruku at Ciangera Primary School in Mbeere North, Embu County, May 6, 2023. [Murithi Mugo, Standard]

Leaders from the Mbeere region of Embu County have warned against the politicisation of projects in the area arguing that the region has been neglected by consecutive Governments.

Mbeere North MP Geoffrey Ruku said a section of leaders were against the construction of Kamumu Dam that is in Mbeere North until other dams are built first.

Speaking during the distribution of bursaries at Ciangera Primary School in his constituency, Ruku said he sourced the funding from donors specifically the Israel government who visited the site of the proposed dam last month.

"We have already sourced for funding and the government of Israel is ready to construct the dam, why then should we wait further? There is no apparent reason why our dam should wait," Ruku posed.

An agitated Ruku observed that the people of Mbeere will not allow anyone to come in between the development of the area.

"We as leaders of Mbeere have made it clear without fear of contradiction that anyone who opposes or does anything against the construction of this dam will face the wrath of our people. We have been promised for long and cannot wait any more," Ruku said.

The first time MP further lamented that Mbeere region had been neglected since many people believe that the area shares the same agroecological zone with Upper Embu which is not true.

Former Embu County Assembly speaker Kariuki Mate observed that the people of Mbeere had been marginalized for long and they will not watch silently as their efforts to source for a donor go to waste just because of politics

"Since independence, the people of Mbeere have been taken for granted when our mothers continue to walk long distances to look for water. This time around we must have the dam to help our women since we have sourced for the funds ourselves," Mate opined.

He further noted that the Sh27 billion sourced from Israel Government is enough to construct the dam that will give water to the neighbouring counties.