DJ Brownskin's father-in-law speaks

DJ Brownskin and his late wife Sharon. [Courtesy: Instagram]

On Tuesday, April 4, 2023, Sharon's father Albert Mwangi Irungu broke his silence over the matter saying he has not healed yet his daughter's name has been all over social media.

He added that he was not aware of any marital issues between Sharon and DJ Brownskin and that the video caught him by surprise.

"For two days my late daughter's name has been all over social media. I lost my daughter last year but I have not been given time to heal.

"I was not aware that they (DJ Brownskin and Sharon) had issues. I was at work when I was told that Sharon had taken some drugs. No one ever told me what exactly happened. They were a happy couple and they would often visit me in Kamulu with their two children," he said.

There have been several accounts of what happened, including issues of infidelity in their union, but Sharon's father said no matter how bad the relationship was, Brownskin should not have taken a video as his daughter fought for her life.

"I have read somewhere that he caught her in a compromising situation...he should have recorded that as well. I just want justice for my daughter. You cannot take a video of the mother of your children as she dies. No matter how bad your relationship is.

"Did she deserve that? He should have remembered the beautiful moments they shared, the good times...recording such a video is bad. He took a dead body to the hospital, not an ailing person. He had all the time to save her life," he said.

Sharon and DJ Brownskin had been together for a while and they would often post their photos on social media.

She would often accompany her husband to some shows where they would party together and dance the night away.

Some of their friends, however, told The Standard that the pair had their fights, just like any other couple, and all was not rosy.

Following her demise, DJ Brownskin took to social media on August 7, 2022, to mourn Shadodo, as she was popularly referred to, and promised to be there for their two children.

"On the 29th of July my life as I knew it completely changed. The events of the past week have shaken me to my core! They have put me to the test as a man, father, husband, friend, and entertainer.

"The journey ahead will be tough, but I promise to keep at it. To my children, I promise to lean on you as you lean on me. I promise to not tire, I promise to keep giving direction as I walk the path of even discovering what 'direction' even means," he wrote.

In a posthumous birthday message dated December 23, 2022, Brownskin reminisced the moments they shared, saying he would celebrate her life every day.

"You are my greatest treasure and I adore you with all I got. For this life I'm living, I'm gonna celebrate you day in day out. All the memories we created, they'll be forever part of me and I'm gonna treasure every single moment forever.

"Our princess and prince are doing just fine and the only thing that's missing from their lives and mine is your pretty smile and beautiful face that we all loved and adored," he wrote.

Our efforts to reach out to DJ Brownskin did not bear fruit as our calls went unanswered.