Migori man dumps in-law's body at ex-wife's house to 'protest rejection'

The suspect dumped his sister-in-law's body at the house of his ex-wife in Suna East, Migori County on March 1, 2023. [Caleb Kingwara, Standard]

Police in Kakrao, Suna East in Migori County are looking for a middle-aged man who exhumed the body of his sister-in-law and dumped it on the doorstep of his ex-wife's house on Wednesday, March 1.

The body was buried 12 years ago on a parcel of land belonging to the suspect.

Authorities say the suspect was protesting after his former spouse refused to accept him back.

The couple separated in 2020.

The suspect's wife, Monica Adhiambo, said the man had threatened to exhume her sister's body from his compound if she (Adhiambo) won't accept him back.

"My sister was a mother of one child, whom she got before marriage. Luo customs dictated that she couldn't be buried in my parents' homestead because of that. At the time, my husband offered to allow my sister be buried in his compound," said Adhiambo.

"Three years ago, he and I broke up after unending marital dispute. When I returned to my parents' home, they offered to let me live in one of the rental houses that they own.

"I was shocked that my ex-partner dumped my sister's remains on my doorstep on Wednesday."

According to Adhiambo, her former spouse was blackmailing her to accept him back, failure of which, he'd exhume her sister's remains.

"I remained adamant that I could not get back with him," she said.

Adhiambo said that on Wednesday, she received a call from her parents telling her that they had spotted some "luggage in a sack" on her doorstep.

"When I checked the contents, I saw human remains, including bones and skull," she said.

Adhiambo's mother, Susan Atieno, said they were ready to bury their child's remains.

"For now, we are letting police conduct their investigations, then we'll bury our daughter's remains thereafter," said Atieno.

Lower Kakrao Sub-Location Assistant Chief Joel Amwenya said a hunt for the suspect has been launched.

The remains of the suspect's in-law were taken to the Migori County Referral Hospital morgue by police.