Standard Group develops new App using Google's Flutter News Toolkit

Standard Group developers and their Google counterparts pose for a photo at the Raddison Blu Hotel, Upper Hill, Nairobi on January 25, 2023. [Standard]

The Standard Group is among the first adopters of Google's News toolkit globally, saving up to 80 per cent in time developing iOS and Android versions of the news application.

You will need less than 30 MB to download The Standard News App, which is available on Google Playstore. You can download the App through this link:

With Flutter, Google is now looking forward.

In an event at Raddison Blu Hotel, Upper Hill, Nairobi on January 25, Google announced the launch of 'Flutter Forward', investments to improve the current toolkit.

These investments lean heavily on "breakthrough graphics performance, seamless integration for web and mobile, early support for new and emerging architectures, and a continued focus on developer experience..."

"We're continuing to invest heavily in the core developer experience while making some foundational improvements that pave the way for ourselves and others to build even more powerful experiences," said Google's Flutter Team.