Police to detain Standard staffer for five more days

Police have been allowed to detain a Standard Group staffer to conclude investigations into the circumstances under which he was found in possession of an explosive at a church parking lobby.

Kahawa anti-terror court agreed that Laban Cliff Onserio (pictured) will be detained for five more days as anti-terrorism police investigate an incident where he was found with a stun grenade on Sunday morning.

Onserio works as the Chief of Staff and anchor at Standard Group PLC. He formerly worked at State House's Presidential Delivery Unit in retired President Uhuru Kenyatta's government.

According to an affidavit sworn by the investigators on Monday, December 19, Anti-Terror Police Unit (ATPU) recovered a grenade from his car after they were called in by Nairobi's Holy Family Basilica security guards.

"[He] was arrested on 18th December 2022 at Holy Family Basilica basement two (2) within Nairobi County following an incident and was in possession of a flash-bang training system model 7290T (Stan grenade) and threatened members of the public with imminent attack against them while holding the said grenade," it says.

The anti-terror unit investigators have told the court that preliminary investigations disclosed that Onserio acquired the explosive illegally from a British national.

Since the ATPU suspects the journalist could be in possession of more explosives, they had asked to hold him further before prosecuting him.

The Investigating Officer also wants more time to interrogate the British national mentioned, go through the suspect's phone records and to find and arrest other culprits who may have been working together with Onserio if any.

"The Respondent is suspected to be in possession of more flash-bang training Model 72901 grenades which the investigating team requires more time to obtain search warrant to recover," the affidavit reads in part.

Standard Group issued a statement assuring the public of its commitment to due process of the law.

"The company awaits the outcome of the investigations and will abide by the due process of the law," it said.

Onserio is scheduled to appear in court on Monday, December 26.