Lonyangapuo, Pkosing split over their party's stay in Azimio fold

David Pkosing (left) and Prof John Lonyangapuo during a past presser. [Moses Omusula, Standard]

"In exercise of our political rights as a party, we did this because we genuinely believed that the Azimio One Kenya Alliance represented a new dawn for our country in the form of principled, policy-driven, and visionary leadership," said the former governor.

Lonyangapuo said that the recent developments in Azimio coalition were not pleasing to KUP.

"Aside from its management of the election campaigns and its penchant for unilateral decision-making; recent actions by Azimio leadership have shown us that the promises that led us to join the coalition were hollow. Indeed, today the Azimio coalition represents the greatest threat to democracy, the rule of law, and national cohesion in our nation's recent history," he said.

Speaking to The Standard, he said KUP expresses disapproval of affiliate parties being annexed as family holdings and blatantly being disregarded within the Azimio fraternity.

"From today, we lay bare the instruments that were meant to hold the coalition together and to guide our path forward; so that Kenyans may see the disingenuous and deceitful nature of the current arrangements," he said.

The KUP leader cited the recent East Africa Legislative Assembly nominations saying that this "affirmed that Azimio is a dynastic enterprise that is, in reality, a personal vessel for a chosen few."

"The true Azimio coalition and not the renegade ODM brigade, fully respects due process and the rule of law, and respects the decisions of the Supreme Court for the reason that they embody the sovereign authority of the People of Kenya," he said.

The former governor also accused Raila of allegedly stoking up tension in the country to force a handshake with President Ruto.

He lauded the Head of State for steering the country on the path of transformation.

"In less than 100 days in office, President Ruto has inspired a renewal of our national ethos; and his Government's record has already secured amazing achievements," he said.

The KUP leader said that roll out of the Hustler Fund, shows that the Kenya Kwanza administration has concrete plan to eliminate poverty by enhancing access to credit for SMEs and individuals alike

"The administration is one that not only says but also delivers; as shown by the fact that the elusive fertilizer subsidy promised in previous administrations has finally been received by our farmers," he said.

But Pkosing has dismissed assertions by Lonyangapuo that KUP has abandoned Azimio terming them his personal views.

"As deputy party KUP, the party is not leaving Azimio any time soon. Whatever the former governor said is his personal view, which is allowed in accordance with our democratic principles," he said.