By now we should be past the level of looking at Kenyan politics through the lens of ethnicity

Azimio la Umoja team led by Raila Odinga during political rally in Eldoret,Uasin Gishu County on July 31,2022. [Christopher Kipsang,Standard]

Discrimination is a chronic disease that affects 80% of Kenyans who interact in the same environment.

Individuals tend to cut off their coworkers, friends, and, in a worst-case scenario, the electoral perspective where they differ in general in ideas, ideology, and the parties they support.

The foundation and efforts to build one nation where respect and dignity are upheld are based on a solid rock of tribal lines.

Our national anthem appears insignificant in its content, and the peace and unity proclaimed are merely an illusion because reality is unbearable.

Kenyans built a large contrast between each other in their normal spheres, despite the new constitution's 2010 goal of purporting unity in all dimensions.

During campaigns, for example, political theatres spearhead and promote unethical discussions that appear to divide rather than unite the nation.

Political practitioners engage in illegal and uncalled-for etiquette, causing citizens to perceive others as enemies. This is what sparked the conflict in 2007, following general elections, that claimed hundreds of lives.

Elections scatter people and fuel growing hatred among those with whom they have lived and shared resources for years.

The minor group appears to be pressed against walls as they fight for their presence, so resource sharing has been greatly challenged. Individuals and regions with less fortune are ignored, despite their untenable situation.

Instead of practising equity as stipulated by the constitution, introduce the concept of equality, which defines each party as equal and thus distributes the same portion.

This is a form of preference for areas subjected to harsh conditions.

Workplaces have bred a lot of hatred in tribal and ethnic standards. Companies contribute to the norm of hiring people from one's tribe or with significant ties to the person assigned the task.

Instead of focusing on experience, skills, passion, and other motivators that will bring the best out of the company, the human resource team tries to satisfy their own and their loved one's interests.

To a greater extent, public offices have been altered to meet the needs of individuals with significant values. Some people use corruption to increase ethnic immorality.

To restore sanity to the country, the monster must be tamed. This will guide a nation founded on love and will spearhead national unity.