Unicaf and the University of Suffolk announce 3 new British bachelor's degree programmes

The University of Suffolk (UK), is offering three new Bachelor's degrees in partnership with Unicaf.

The University of Suffolk has announced the introduction of three new online, British Bachelor's degree programmes in partnership with Unicaf; making the excellence of more British degrees accessible to everyone.

The 3 new programmes are:

Subject to validation, each of these programmes follows a 360-credit scheme and they can be completed in 2 to 5 years. They are 100% online and flexible, with 24/7 access through the state-of-the-art Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). The full list of the programmes offered through the partnership is available here.

The disciplines of Business, Computing and Law hold a powerful position within the global job market. As there is an increasing need for a skilled workforce in these fields, more employment opportunities become available for graduates.

Unicaf's proud partnership with the University of Suffolk (UOS) focuses on education's transformational role within society. "The university is a distinctive, thriving academic community which makes a clear and immediate impact, with the purpose of changing the lives of individuals and communities for the better." This partnership has just been strengthened even more with the addition of these three currently in-demand British Bachelor's degrees.

Hundreds of students are already benefitting from this partnership and the Unicaf Scholarship Programme studying towards a British degree.

Our MBA student from Rwanda, Starton Habumu Remyi says: "With the Unicaf Scholarship Programme, I was able to commence my MBA studies at a well-established British university. Every student around the globe aspires to have quality higher education and Unicaf made this dream come true for me."

Another MBA student and a working mother, Dina Abd Elmaksoud also says: "I joined the University of Suffolk in the UK as an online student through Unicaf, because I am a working mother with a young daughter. It was difficult for me to attend classes on campus, so Unicaf's online delivery system made it easy and doable for me to earn a degree."

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