Kiambu to build affordable houses on Del Monte land

Wamatangi added that the land is divided into four parcels, each of which is located in a different location, necessitating careful planning.

"This is an opportunity that, if well capitalised on, has the potential to turn around the region's economy. We will have the best arrangement with the locals and all parties to benefit the people of Kiambu and transform Thika," he said.

The governor added that the county government is collaborating with the national government to implement infrastructure projects in Thika to elevate it to city status.

"Such projects are required for Thika to become a city, and we are working around the clock to ensure all requirements for cityhood are met," Wamatangi said.

President William Ruto has made affordable housing a priority, and the government has committed to increasing the number of mortgages from 30,000 to one million by allowing low-cost mortgages of Sh10,000 or less.

"Everyone's dream in town is to one day own a home. So, we're talking about houses (costing) between Sh3 million and Sh5 million, which you can pay for with a 20-year mortgage of between Sh10,000 and Sh30,000, which is equivalent to what people pay for rent," the President told Uthiru residents.