The real heroes of peace in this year's power transition

Then there was fear that the Supreme Court ruling would spark some protests at the historical hotspots. But, yet again, Kenyans received the court ruling in stride - with the losing side expressing dissatisfaction, yet accepting the outcome.

The final area of fear was the unfounded speculation that the handover could be acrimonious, especially because the former President had not spoken about the elections from the day of the declaration of the results.

But even that went on smoothly as former President Kenyatta not only invited the President-elect to State House the day prior to inauguration, but was also duly present at Kasarani to hand over instruments of power to the new President. The consequence is that savants and servants alike have been baffled by this highly unusual turn of events in our political scene. What might this be attributed to?

Well, it all depends on perspective. Many have suggested that our democracy is maturing, and that Kenyans have come of age, and realised there is nothing to be gained from fighting over elections. Without a doubt, this is largely true. Pictures from such places as Kondele in Kisumu showed people who received the news of the Supreme Court ruling quite calmly.

Former President Uhuru Kenyatta during the swearing-in of William Ruto at Kasarani on September 13, 2022. [Boniface Okendo, Standard]

Considering the insults he had received from former political allies, it was one of the greatest marks of political maturity and statesmanship, to peacefully hand over power to the incoming President in a colourful ceremony. Many leaders, especially in the continent, would have found it difficult to leave office so peacefully, especially after being defeated at the ballot box. Kudos!

From a spiritual perspective, there is no gainsaying that the peace we enjoy was a direct act of God. For more than three months prior to the elections, Kenyans thronged places of worship, and spent time at prayer centres across the country. It is clear that, according to His word, God paid attention to the prayers of His people and preserved our land. He placed us on a pedestal, not only on the continent, but across the world. I am certainly proud to be a Kenyan. To God be the glory forever.

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