Don't kill the opposition, Bishop Robert Langat tells William Ruto

President-elect William Ruto (left)with Bishop Robert Langat during a past event. [DPPS]

The country requires a vibrant opposition to keep the government in power in check, Africa Gospel Church Kenya Bishop Robert Langat has said.

Bishop Langat urged President-elect William Ruto to allow the opposition to thrive and stop preying on its members, saying for his government to thrive and become more productive, it requires a strong oversight opposition with sufficient members.

Speaking while presiding over a prayer day ceremony at Tenwek High School in Bomet Central on Saturday, Bishop Langat said with Ruto's success in the recent contest for control of both Parliament is enough for him to settle down and start to deliver election pledges and the only people who will help him keep his promises is the opposition.

"I just want to request the President-elect not to kill the opposition by bringing everyone to his camp, he should let the opposition remain with its numbers so that they can keep him always on his toes," said Dr Langat.

Langat, who was accompanied by African Gospel Church Bomet Area Director Reuben Koech, said successful governments are those that do not punish and suppress the opposition.

"The element of opposition should be in place because these are the people who will tell the government when it is making mistakes so that it can do corrections quickly and the country will move ahead," he said.

He said Ruto's administration will only succeed if there is a vibrant opposition and that will not happen if everyone is brought into the government.

"Let those who were elected on the other camp remain on their side and watch over the check and balances in government, not everyone should be in government," he said.

Langat spoke in wake of several Azimio La Umoja- One Kenya Coalition Leaders switch camps to the Kenya Kwanza side.

The latest was former Kisii Governor James Ongwae leading a troop of politicians from South Nyanza to Karen and declaring support for Ruto's win and administration.

Langat said while it is their democracy to switch allegiance, the leaders should not forget that there is a role opposition will play in supporting the government in place.

"Who said everyone should be with President-Elect to be able to support his administration? They should stay in the opposition and help him by pointing and correcting when he is going wrong," said Langat

Langat, however, exuded confidence that Ruto was the right man to steer the Country at the moment.

"Kenyans did not make a mistake they picked the right person and I am very optimistic he would deliver beyond expectations," he said.

The president-elect has explained that the majority of leaders who were joining Kenya Kwanza had been forced, arm-twisted and threatened to support the Azimio coalition.