Inside Amira's World

Amira draws my attention to a huge modern fireplace. "It could not fit in the focal point area. I had to place it on the right-hand side of the living room to keep us warm and toasty."

A beautiful crystal chandelier and brackets to match occupy the side of the room. A colourful floral Persian carpet, and yellow Persian china flower vases, among other outstanding treasures sourced locally, complete the room.

In the dining area, everything is crafted to perfection. Evocative and elegant floral motif furniture in the living room and dining room display the highest standard of workmanship.

Did she get an expert to assist in interior decor?

"I'm creative by nature, I did my dining space makeover on my own, and I have poured my all and love into this house," she said.

The gypsum illusionistic design on the focal wall in white and grey, and the white oriental ornaments with intricate details displayed on it, add a sophisticated touch to the dining area.

The formal table setting display is a conversation starter. It's flamboyant and a work of art. Top quality, classy handmade crockery decorated with huge candle holders, ringed napkins, a flower vase glass table (all three in gold), and a crystal chandelier give the room a fairy tale feel.

She reluctantly agrees to give us a tour of her master ensuite bedroom. On the way to the room is a big aquarium with a few goldfish. And no, they do not have names. "No we are not white people to give them names," she laughs.

Her ensuite master bedroom is airy, soothing, and sophisticated. Show-stopping white and gold accent walls, a gypsum ceiling and circular gold chandeliers make the room sumptuous.

The huge sliding glass doors bring in air and make the room appear spacious. The bed is stylish with intricate details. Her walk-in closet is adorned with fancy hats, designer perfumes, and bags.

Finally, we get a glimpse of her modern kitchen. White cabinets, a marble top island table, and gold and mirror cladding make the space stunning.

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