Mombasa governor-elect Abdulswamad Nassir reveals his weight loss secret

In a segment featured on K24's YouTube channel, Nassir welcomed viewers into his Nairobi home before taking them through his 'healthy' morning routine which involves his weight loss secret, 'gym'.

The governor-elect begins the day with a bowl of oat man topped with dates soaked overnight which he says is very healthy and filling.

He then proceeds to the gym where he goes hard for a few hours before starting his parliamentary duties.

When asked if he used any artificial aid to help with his weight loss, Mheshimiwa responded by saying

Mheshimiwa's eye-opener came when he was barred from sky diving with his friends because he was overweight.

To those struggling with excessive weight gain and trying to get back in shape, Abdulswamad's advice is that they should never give up and stay focused on their existence and what they eat.

This story was initially written by Diana Onyango in 2019.