Raila Odinga's case at the Supreme Court

  1. A divided commission could not have delivered a credible election.
  2. IEBC has contradicting figures on voter turnout.
  3. IEBC's 50 per cent calculation was based on a wrong figure for the total votes cast.
  4. There was systematic deduction of votes cast for Raila which were added to Ruto in several constituencies.
  5. The requirement to declare the winner does not give the chairman powers to tally, verify and decide the winner.
  6. Forms used in election do not match what IEBC said it would procure.
  7. Postponement of Mombasa governor election gave Ruto an advantage.
  8. Kiems kits failed in several Raila strongholds and delayed voting.
  9. Technology deployed by IEBC completely failed standards of a secure and transparent electronic system.
  10. Chebukati's personal assistant Dickson Kwanusu illegally and maliciously accessed the IEBC system.
  11. Discrepancies in the results amount to over 180,000 votes.