Forms 34A have alterations, Azimio experts say

One of the examiners is former Chief Inspector Martin Papa who says that of the 53 forms he examined, the numbers were doctored.

On some forms, he says, more votes were listed as cast while the totals were less.

Papa also says the serial numbers of some of the forms which were uploaded online did not correspond with the physical ones given to the presidential returning officer.

In his report now before the Supreme Court, the DCI officer states that the rampant issue on the IEBC forms was blank spaces.

"There is significant evidence of incompleteness for form 34A. The most rampant is where the space for valid number of votes cast in favour of presidential candidates is blank," says Papa.

Papa's task was to verify whether there is evidence of alteration, deletion and additions on the forms 34A,

In Baringo, he examined forms from Kabarnet High School and AIC Visa Oshwal, Kiptangor, Seguton, Kitendui and Kamwen primary schools.

Others were Pemwai, Chepturet , Eron, Kiplabal, Kesetan, Tanui, Kiplegwa, Talai, Mumol, Kapkony, Kitumbei, Kiptumo and Kabemom primary schools and Kapsergong Nursery School.

He says the space for valid votes for the presidential candidates was blank on the form from Kabarnet High School. For the AIC Visa Oshwal form, he says that there is evidence of cancellation but there is no signature of the person who did the cancellation.

Papa states that the form from Eron Primary had no totals and on the form from Kitumbei Primary, United Democratic Alliance presidential candidate William Ruto was added 1000 votes.

On the Kitumbei form 34A, the initial results were 2210 but were altered to indicate 3310.

The space for writing the valid votes cast for the presidential candidates on the Kaptumo Primary form was blank, and the handwriting for the entries for Ruto differ from that for Raila, David Mwaure and George Wajakoya.

He says the serial number of the form uploaded and the one given to the presidential agent are different. He concluded the same for nine forms from Chuka constituency, 14 from Juja constituency, two from Gatundu constituency and 26 from Eldama Ravine.

At the same time, an officer from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) has alleged that at least 26 of 90 form 34As sent to her were made by different authors.

In papers filed before the Supreme Court, Susan Wambui says that from a sample sent to her by Azimio lawyers, there were forms bearing different handwritings.

"We have examined and compared writings (entries) on the documents marked A44, A45, A 46. Our opinion is all entries on each document were made by different authors," says Wambugu.

UDA has asked the court to disregard her views arguing that she is not a qualified forensic examiner.