Whistleblower says a team was recruited to manipulate results

Githongo wants to play the whistleblower's confessions in private in order to put the commission on the spot about whether forms 34A were tamperproof and could not be manipulated in any way.

Githongo, the Chief Executive Officer of Inuka Kenya Ni Sisi,swears in his affidavit that his team was part of several observer groups that sent representatives all over the country.

He avers that on August 18, 2022, a colleague introduced him to a young man at the Batian Hotel's suites on Argwings Kodhek Road.

According to him, the man told him that he wished to discuss a matter of national importance. "The young man was visibly tense and terrified," Githongo says, adding that he proceeded to ask the unnamed young man his identity, business, residence, and the information he was about to spill.

The former Mwai Kibaki government anti-corruption crusader avers that the information he was given left him speechless. "He revealed shocking details of how he and others were involved in a fraudulent scheme to interfere with, and compromise, the IEBC electoral data transmission system to manipulate the presidential election results," Githongo states.

The task is said to have been to receive forms 34As that were sent to their server or platform. The whistleblower claimed that 'The Team' used the platform to edit the forms before uploading them to the IEBC portal.

Tension: EBC Chairman Wafula Chebukati and his deputy Juliana Cherera at the Bomas of Kenya on August 22, 2022. [Denish Ochieng, Standard]

"While the other 46 people were accessing, entering, and manipulating the entries, he was one of the supervisors." The task was to collect form 34As from Kiems Kits and send them to their server/platform, which he called "Uchaguzi Tallying" and used the alias "Uchaguzi 2022."

"After receiving the data, they would edit the form 34As in accordance with the instructions given and then upload the edited form 34As to the IEBC portal," Githongo claims.

According to the former anti-graft czar, the forms were sent in picture format, then converted to PDF format and uploaded to the IEBC portal. Githongo said the man confessed that the team had been indoctrinated and that they needed to be freed from dynasties that included Raila.

He was told that they had access to the IEBC servers and that the goal was to manipulate the numbers.

Githongo said the whistleblower informed him that numbers were subtracted from one candidate and added to another. He is asking the court to allow him to submit a video of the young man that he distorted in order to conceal his identity in order to keep him safe.

"We managed to convince him to record this evidence in camera. We further assured him that we would cover his face and disguise his voice to conceal his identity and thus ensure his and his family's safety and security. He accepted this request. We thus recorded this evidence," states Githongo.

He says in one of the forms 34As from Baringo, Tiaty constituency, the witness revealed that the numbers were changed from zero to 35 and had two stamps; one for the IEBC and the other for 'The Team'.