Make your vote count in the coming elections

The outcome of the August vote will ultimately bind us all. [Benjamin Sakwa, Standard]

Optimism and anxiety are palpable as the August 9 General Election fast approaches. It is already systems go ahead of the crucial vote.

The polls will no doubt present a golden opportunity for Kenyans to decide their own destiny by electing the men and women who will steer the ship for the next five years and as expected, take the country to the next level.

No matter our political affiliations and choices, the outcome of the August vote will ultimately bind us all. After all, when democracy prevails, everyone is a winner. 

There’s isn’t been a better time to grow the economy and fight corruption through good governance. We must improve Kenyans' health and well-being, fight hunger, create jobs, end poverty and ensure a sustained high tempo of social and cultural development. 

In my view as a voter and a parliamentary aspirant in this election, what's more important is economic empowerment. A thriving economy means a viable and peaceful political environment, a healthy population and a sure future. 

Uplifting the economy through empowering small scale businesses, expansion of markets and enabling accessibility to affordable financing, in my view, is way to go.

Improve education through the renovation of existing primary schools and adding more secondary schools and TVETs in each ward is another area of focus that's in my agenda. It is possible. It can be done.  

Providing high-quality health care by building level Four hospitals, adequate medical care through training and deployment of enough medics and provision of medicine in our dispensaries, providing adequate maternity and women's health clinics are key. Education for all requires better management of bursaries and scholarships. 

Another key area is prudent management of devolved funds, including the Constituency Development Fund (CDF). I believe in the power of the youth. It is important that we uplift our youth by forming sports academies, community centres with free WiFi, business training and nurturing of skills and talents to them to self-employ. 

My leadership quest is anchored on the need to solve problems bedevilling families in their day to day lives. There are simple things that really matter. Provision of water by digging boreholes in every ward, better sanitation and building working sewer systems are a good ways toward the betterment of communities. 

As a woman who believes in empowerment, I will be active in Parliament by proposing Bills that will help empower the people and transform the economy. A good leader is one who lobbies for adequate resources from all sectors of government that will improve lives.

Another of my focus areas would be improved infrastructure by creating roads, street lighting and building industries that will empower women and bring down the cost of goods. The elderly and the needy too need attention. I will provide quarterly free health care checkups for the elderly.

My rallying call to Kenyans is that the future of the nation depends on the choices they make on August 9. We must get it right.

-The writer is Roysambu MP aspirant