Top video games for the visually impaired


Popular video games for visually impaired gamers.


Video games have been mainly associated with a visual medium, excluding visually challenged persons.

However, developers have been coming up with ideas to make games that are accessible to the visually handicapped.

The incorporation of accessibility options and features by developers is increasing the popularity of blind gaming and disability gaming in general.

The most noteworthy example is Mortal Kombat 11, which launched with a menu narration for blind players and sound effects for meter filling up.

We look at some of the popular games for visually impaired gamers.

The Last of Us Part 2

This is a story-driven game with many accessibility options for a variety of disabilities, but the effort done to allow blind and visually impaired players to experience the game is outstanding.

Text-to-speech assistance, ledge detection, high-contrast mode, a pinging audio system to aid navigation, and more are all included in the game. While the game itself is dark and bleak, disabled players have found the experience to be immensely welcoming.

Sequence Storm

Sequence Storm is a little Indie game from Special Magic Games that has narrated sceneries, audio rhythm controls, and other auditory aspects to aid racing. Throughout the game, there is little writing.

The Vale: Shadow of the Crown

This game has no images and instead relies on audio. The game is entirely narrated and takes place in a fantasy realm where the player must participate in martial combat while exploring the world.

All of this is accomplished through the use of audio, which allows the player to listen to 3D sounds and calculate distances and assaults. In addition, rather than using a robotic voice, the narration is done by a real person.

A Blind Legend

This visually impaired-friendly audio-centric video game focuses on hearing.

Audio cues outline the 3D environment. Directional audio guidance are also used to finish the difficult combat systems.

This game is packed with surprises and has a variety of gameplay types, including horseback riding, stealth, fighting, and navigating difficult terrain.

Shades of Doom

This is a Windows-based application designed for visually challenged people. It is a groundbreaking game that uses sound effects to create a virtual experience.

It uses multi-dimensional multi-layered sound effects to immerse the player in a world full with action, thrill, and tension. Shades of Doom is mostly self-spoken and as a result, no screen reader is required to play this game.

To advance in your quest to shut down the ill-fated experiment, you are expected to use the sound of wind in the hallways and rooms, the sound of equipment, and the echo generated by footsteps.

Lost and Hound

Lost and Hound is a rescue adventure game that follows an audio trail using a dog named Biscuit. The game reflects a dog’s strong sense of hearing to execute the rescue mission.