Man charged with lover's murder says State has no case

Photo slain Rift Valley Institute of Science and Technology tutor Irene Jepchumba. [Courtesy]

A man accused of murdering his lover wants the High Court to acquit him.

Godfrey Kangogo, who is alleged to have killed Irene Jepchumba, claims the prosecution has no case against him.

Jepchumba, a tutor at the Rift Valley Institute of Science and Technology, was killed on July 6, 2018, at Choka Falls in Molo River, Nakuru County.

The prosecution says it was Kangogo who pushed his lover, who was taking a selfie, down  the falls.

However, Kangogo's lawyer David Mongeri yesterday told Justice Joel Ngugi that the prosecution brought two theories on how the lecturer died; that she was strangled before being pushed down the falls or food poisoning.

A post-mortem report by Dr Titus Ngulungu stated that Jepchumba died by strangulation.

“The prosecution never brought an expert to give a definite cause of death. Up to now, the court is unsure how she died,” said Mongeri.

Mongeri also cited four prosecution witnesses, who narrated how Kangogo called for help when Jepchumba was swept away.

Joseph Simiyu, a farmer who encountered the couple before the accident, testified that the two looked happy.

“They shared laughter and were carrying alcoholic drinks,” he said, adding that he saw Kangogo in the river screaming for help.

The court will make a ruling on April 28.