Co-op Bank offers customers safe keeping services

That valued certificate, or souvenir, in the house could be lost in a second if a fire razed through the house, or another unforeseen disaster, to leave but sad memories and regrets.

To avert the likelihood of such losses, Co-operative Bank offers Safe Keeping Services where customers can safely store some of their most valuable possessions and rest easy.

The service is intended to relieve the bank’s customers the stress of losing a valuable document and the hustle of replacing the same.

“At a reasonable price of Sh3,000 per annum, we offer the peace of mind that your valuables are safe with us at Co-operative Bank of Kenya,” says the bank.

This service is ideal for both individuals and corporates with valuable documents or items and would wish to safeguard them against threats such as fire, burglary, loss or damage.

Acceptable items under safekeeping include title deeds, insurance policy documents, academic certificates, marriage certificates, data back-up and motor vehicle log-books among others.

This service comes in two options. Customers can get safe keeping boxes, where the Bank rents out a safe box to its customers. The safe box could be small, medium or large.

The client is assigned two keys and the box is accessible during normal working hours. This kind of arrangement, the bank says, is ideal for storage of title deeds, academic/marriage certificates, data back-ups, logbooks, insurance policy documents and jewellery.

“Requirements are the standard Know Your Customer (KYC) for individuals and companies, standing order form and an executed renters' box application form,” says Co-operative Bank.

The price is Sh12,000 for a large box, Sh8,000 for a medium box and Sh4,800 for a small box.

The second option is the branch safe keeping of parcels.  This service is available for Co-operative Bank customers and is offered throughout their branch network.

“The Bank accepts properly sealed documents in envelopes within legal discretion that what the client has provided is lawful. It is ideal for academic/marriage certificates, title deeds, insurance policy documents, log books and data back-up,” Co-operative Bank said.

The charge for this is Sh3,000 per annum.

Customers can apply for either of the two options, a worthwhile move to eliminate chances of losing important documents and other possessions, as Co-operative continues to live up to its slogan, “We are you.”