KeNHA: Plan for two-day traffic on Nairobi-Nakuru Highway

Motorists have been advised to use alternative routes. 

The Kenya National Highway Authority (KeNHA) has advised motorists using the Nairobi-Nakuru highway to seek alternative routes between Saturday and Monday to allow for removal of the Gilgil toll station.

KeNHA Director General Engineer Peter Mundinia in a notice to the public said there will be a traffic disruption at the weighbridge on Saturday, July 10 at 10pm to Monday 12 at 4pm.

The disruption is meant to allow for demolition of the old toll station at the Gilgil weighbridge.

"We are bringing down the old toll plaza however the weighbridges would remain in place. The toll plaza at the middle of the carriageway is to be pulled down,' said Mundinia.

All vehicles as per the notice issued shall pass the weighbridge in both directions to enable smooth traffic flow under the guidance of traffic police.

Motorists have been advised to use the Njabini flyover (near Soko Mjinga Market) - Njabini-Engineer -Okalou Gilgil route or Lanet (Nakuru)-Dundori-Ol Joro Orok-Olkalou-Engineer-Njabibini -Njabini Flyover.

"KeNHA further encourages all motorists and pedestrians to observe safety measures at the section during the demolition of the toll station," read the notice.