24 things women find hard to understand about some men

1. How she can upload one picture on Facebook and suddenly get an influx of friend requests from men who are just after sex and flirting, not even wanting to know her as a person.

2. How some strange men can type to her "I love you" on her inbox and pictures yet the men don't even know her. Don't the words "I love you" mean anything anymore?

3. How a man can pursue a woman with the most intense passion and focus; only for him to mistreat her, take her for granted and cheat when she becomes his woman.

4. How a man she doesn't know at all can suddenly ask her to send naked pictures of herself.

5. How a man can claim he is not ready for a relationship, lets her go and weeks or even months later he commits to another woman and even marries the new woman.

6. How a man can discourage a woman not to use a condom yet blame her when she gets pregnant after sex.

7. How a man will claim he is planning a future with her yet run away and abandon her when she gets pregnant. How can a full grown man abandon his own child?

8. How a man can dictate and demand that a woman doesn't wear the same beautiful way she used to dress when he met her now that she is his woman.

9. How a man can propose to a woman for marriage and then he breaks the same marriage he started with her.

10. How a woman can try everything to be open and transparent to her man; yet her man still finds reasons to suspect her and accuse her of sleeping around.

11. How a man can abandon the woman who built with him to become the man he now is for an opportunistic woman who sees how attractive he is now that he is a made man.

12. How a man can say the sweetest vows on the wedding day yet cause so much pain in marriage

13. How can a man who is married and with children find it in him to flirt with women openly on Facebook, at the work place or recreational spots?

14. How a man can have double standards; he allows himself to have friends but doesn't allow her to have a social life, he allows himself to have a successful career but he doesn't allow her to follow her dreams.

15. How a man can tell a woman the most beautiful words yet suddenly insult her and call her a prostitute when she doesn't give him what he wants.

16. How a man can find it so hard to say "I love you" but find it so easy to slap her.

17. How a man can sleep around with so many women and consider himself an amazing man, he feels good about himself. Doesn't he have a soul, a conscience?

18. How a man wants her to tell him all her secrets but he hides things from her.

19. How a man can have a child with another woman and yet fail to tell the woman he is dating.

20. How a man can pretend to be the best family man to the public, the pastor and to his parents, but to his wife and children he is a monster who puts up a show for the outside world.

21. How a man can find it so easy to walk away from a woman who has invested all she is and has on him

22. How a man can know that her woman is beautiful yet blame her when other men stare at her in public. Her beauty is visible, other men can see her beauty but it is her man who enjoys and gets to have all her beauty.

23. How a man can tell so many women the same lies.

24. How a man can think he can have any woman just because he has so much money.