13 secret codes women use on their men

1. Three dots at the end of her text

She means she enjoys talking with you and wants you to continue the conversation.

2. How was your day?

When a woman asks the man this, it is because she really wants to know how he is, but also wants the man to ask her how her day was. In the end, she wants the man to show interest in her day.

3. Ok

If she types this short word when seconds ago she was typing you long warm messages, it most likely means there is something off, wrong or hurting you have said and she wants you to notice.

4. I miss hearing your voice

This is an indirect way of her saying "Call me". She wonders why you've stayed for long without you calling her phone.

5. Don't be a stranger

She doesn't want to seem desperate but she really misses you.

6. Dear

With this you must be careful before concluding what she means. If a woman uses dear on other men then she is just being warm, nothing major about that. But if upon studying her you notice you are the only man she addresses by the word dear, that is a big deal. She is trying to tell you that you are special.

7. Silent treatment

This she will do hoping that you the man will notice and soothe her back to her talking ways. She is calling for your attention, your apology, your comfort, your care.

8. Who was that on the phone?

If she keeps asking you this after you hang up the phone, it's not that she suspects you or wants to manipulate you. She is trying to hint that you be open with her, be telling her who you talk to, let her in your life so that she doesn't have to ask.

9. Are we Ok?

These are words from a scared woman who is feeling the man closest to her heart is slipping away.

10. A sudden full stop

If she is not the type to end her sentences when she chats with a full stop but then you see a sudden full stop after serious words when you two are chatting about something icy or tense; you've probably touched a nerve, she is mad or maybe she's trying to put you in your place, she's attempting to shift the talk into something serious.

11. Was just saying hi

When she calls or texts and says this, it's most likely she is reminding you to remember her. She wants more than your greeting; she wants your company too. A woman just "says hi" to a man she enjoys being with; just like a man happens to be in the neighborhood of a woman he values.

12. We need to talk

By the time a woman says this, what she wants you two to talk about has been on her mind for a while as she wonders how to say it. But it's reached a point she can't hold it in anymore. Whether it's a good or bad thing, what she wants to talk about is a big deal to her.

13. What are we, where are we heading to?

She is seeking your clarity. This woman likes you or maybe even loves you and she appreciates the time you and her spend. All she is asking for is you be the man and cement her place in your heart, allay her fears, be officially be hers. She can't propose to you so in an indirect way she is trying to make you propose to her.