DJ shares music tricks learnt from 72 nations

DJ Angelo plays the reloop turntable during the launch at 33beatske DJ School, on February 20. [David Gichuru, Standard]

Starting from the first week of next month, the Reloop DJ Development Centre will be admitting 20 students each time for a 12-week course. Hopefuls, keen to learn the art of being a DJ, can apply online and will be subjected to a vetting process.

Speaking during the official launch of the DJ school last Thursday, British-based DJ Angelo said that, while having fun is part of the job, this form of entertainment is a complex art that requires endless hours of hard work and practice behind the scenes.

Angelo has over 20 years experience in the industry.

“I know the DJ culture over here is quite strong. It is a perfect place and our first presence in Africa.

DJ culture

I want to share the DJ culture as much as I know about the German DJ scene and also hope to learn about Kenyan and African music, culture and DJ industry,” the Reloop brand ambassador says.

DJ Angelo will also meet with Kenyan turn-tablists on his week-long tour. “I hope to meet as many Kenyan DJs as possible to take notes from them and even carry Kenyan music with me when I go back home.”

He remembers planning for this trip when he heard about the shooting of DJ Evolve at B-Club last month.

He hopes that it was only a one-time case that never happens again.

“Sometimes these incidents are not in our control but you would hope that every club monitors revellers. Everyone deserves to work in a safe environment.

The night scene is dangerous enough as it is. I am sure that incidents like this happen although I have never experienced anything like that. I hope no one ever has to go through that again. I hope it is all going to be OK,” he says. The Berlin-based entertainer describes the German club scene as a good place for a deejay because of its music diversity. Party-goers are into Hip-hop, Techno, Reggae and the Afro beat right now.

The Burma-born DJ a self-taught artist. Every day is different for him, and he feels privileged he gets to decide what to work on.

His perseverance has pushed him out of his comfort zone and he takes opportunities even when he does not feel ready. Even as he ventures into the unknown, he maintains that he does not compromise on his art.

“Any artist should have an opinion and something of your own to share. If you follow trends and copy, you do not add or change the landscape.

True to self

Being true to yourself is a good way to stand out and be knowledgeable about what you do,” he says.

With over two decades in the business, the DJ has garnered numerous awards and his works have been recognised by global brands such as Google, Red Bull, Smirnoff, Samsung, Absolut, Nokia, Casio and Bentley Motors.

“It has always been my goal for my work to be noted in every part of the world.

I can now see that I have made it to Kenya.

I have travelled to 72 countries. I am not really into chasing trophies. It is more about new experiences,” he says.