Kenyans rally support for suspended KQ employee who leaked Coronavirus plane video

Barely a day after the suspension of Kenya Airways employee Gire Ali, Kenyans online were quick to show their support for the worker.

According to the airline, the staff was accused of poor handling and management of passengers arriving from China.

In a letter seen by Ureport, Ali was ordered to avail himself to the airlines investigative team, his manager, or any other person in authority when required.

“Following a report of video recording of China Southern Airline aircraft at JKIA and circulation of the video clip widely on social media on 26 February 2020, and your alleged involvement in the matter, it has been decided that you be suspended from duty with effect from 27 February 2020 in accordance with provision of clause 16.5 of the Company Hit Policy Manual”

“This is to pave way for further investigations into the matter,” read part of a letter from the KQ human resource office” read part of the letter.

Netizens took that opportunity to express both their support to the employee and their disgust towards the bodies in charge.

Edward Lordsman - Why fire a hero and the greatest patriot of all times. A person who loves his country that he couldn't let it go unnoticed to Kenyans in Good will to show how the Menace is about to hit at us. If Kenya is not bewitched, then I Swear all those in the respective ministry are still undergoing evolution and can't think so far. Failed state. Is China our God? If super powers are cancelling flights to and from China including USA and Russia yet they have the best who are we to allow risks when we can't even test for Corona leave alone handling s single case. We are struggling to flight locusts with no success and some stupid thick heads are taking life of Kenyans for granted. May Corona start with Them.

Favored Wairimu Njehia - Shouldn't we suspending the ministry of Health staff at JKIA ...the guy was a patriot...was afraid for his own countrymen.

Onez Mwanzia - Instead of suspending china flights, it goes all way to the staff, this height of incompetence is frightening.

Jaxton JN - Kenya you Are not allowed to speak the truth that's why even those who are trying to educate citizens about BBI are being arrested. Goverment should tell us what is very special to them about China?

Kuria Esther W - With this kind of news,,i no longer have hope in the sitting government. It does not think about its people, thats why nobody has come out to issue the right precautionary measures . if called upon, am ready to demonstrate for the sake of my health, the health of my children, relatives n kenyans in general.. It seems its only us who can redeem ourselves.