Video: Kenyans send warm messages to woman whose baby went missing

Deborah Mesesi, a woman whose video went viral on Sunday, February 23, 2020, attracted warm messages from Kenyans online who wished her good luck.

Mesesi took to social media and poured her heart out asking anyone who had any information that could help find her son, identified as Samuel Omondi, to come forth.

The young woman broke into tears as she pleaded to those who viewed the video to pray for her and her missing son.

 "My name is Deborah Mesesi and this is my parents' home. My son was here, last seen on Thursday (February 20). He was fine, healthy and was playing around. His name is Samuel Omondi. He will be turning four years in July" she said.

In the video, she narrated that her son, like many other autistic children did not like the company of other people hence did not go past their compound’s gate.

"My son is autistic who loves playing a lot and very lovely. The fact that that he doesn't talk is very lovely and as you all know, autistic kids don't like company (of other people) and so he doesn't like the company," narrated Mesesi.

She further mentioned that he was in the company of a young girl who reportedly left him outside for less than ten minutes (to bring him tea) only to return and find the baby missing.

"That day, he was with our young girl here. The girl went inside the house to get a cup of tea for him and as she reported, she didn't take more than 10 minutes. When she came out, she didn't find the baby.

"We have looked for him everywhere, we have announced. The place is called Chepilat, it is near Sotik. We have given our posters and are all over social media," 

"I ask you to pray for me. Pray for my son wherever you are." She pleaded.

Kenyans online felt the young mother’s pain and took the opportunity to send her heartwarming messages to give her strength.

Doris Kerubo - May God c you through my sister.

Bilha Kaputa - I prayed for you. May the angels of God bring him back home safely in Jesus name.

Khadijah Wilson - Oh my gosh, I can’t imagine the pain you’re going through. My son is autistic/ nonverbal as well I pray he is found safe.

Joseph Jose - Still in prayers, please God shame the devil. Bring Sam back.