Man who stole bribe money from traffic cops hailed as a hero

An unidentified man who on Wednesday, February 19, 2020, stole from traffic police officers along the Nairobi-Meru highway attracted praise from Kenyans online for his actions.

Netizens hailed the man who, according to eyewitnesses, studied the patterns of the officers and hit them when they least expected.

The man waited for the officers to go on the opposite side of the road before he grabbed the money they allegedly ‘acquired illegally’ and escaped.

In the witness’s account, efforts by one of the officers to chase the man were futile as he was faster and seemed to understand the terrain of the area well.

News of the incident excited many Kenyans online who had a lot to say about the man and his courage.

John: “That’s not a thief, in fact, you should be sued for defamation. He just recovered “our money” from the thieves. Kudos to him. That road should be renamed after him.”

King David: You can be sure that thug was cursed by the police officer a million times. This guy is a hero, he should have his special slot in the BBI.

Jason: “The greatest newsflash I have ever read online. Thank you thief for well-done job. He is a hero he deserves a presidential award, EBS.”

Peter Kymani - The cop should report this to the nearest police station for action.

Collo - Huyu anafight corruption better than the president.

Modal realism - Once in a while, you read about a great story that you can one day tell to your kids. Such is life.

Moses Shauri - This one deserves a Presidential Award. He's fighting corruption.

Mosomi Jay - The Fight Against Corruption A Little More Serious.