Kenyans online decry alarming tomato prices

Over the weekend, fed up Kenyans took to social media to express their frustrations towards the rising prices of tomatoes around the country.

From their complaints, many showed their disbelief towards the prices in which vendors were currently selling the delicacy.

The fruit, which nutritionists consider as vegetables, currently averagely retails at Sh10 to Sh15 while in some places one goes for up to Sh25.

One social media user, identified as Canduh, posted a photograph of two average-sized tomatoes and explained that she bought the two at Sh52.

The unbelievable post elicited mixed reactions with a number of her followers using that as a platform to narrate their own experiences.

Susan Mureithi - And I'm here complaining about sh15 a tomato.

Brenda Wambo - Bought 4 for 50 juzi karibu nilie. (Bought four for Sh50 and I almost cried).

Others made fun of the moment.

Rosseta Kahinga - Lipa County Government workers pls.

Ikua – They (the tomatoes) look like they're boasting.

Wachira Fred - I hope you dint put them in a bag to the house...hizo wabeba ni kama ni funguo za gari.

General Suleimani - what? Kenya is the desert Qatar now?