Man pens love letter to MP Sabina Chege

Allan Ouma, a love struck man, on Saturday, February 15, 2020, penned a love letter to Murang’a County Women Representative Sabina Chege.

The man indicated that it was the second time he wrote to the member of the national assembly to express his feelings.

In the letter, Ouma stated that he would abide by the set rules that govern Kenyan married couples if she was already married.

He further asked Chege to come clean on her marital status so as to help him clear his doubts.

"There are ethical rules that govern married couples, and I would wish to usurp those rules and standards to showcase my love for you”

“I still cringe that you are yet to get married unless you come out to confirm it," he wrote.

The letter that was posted on social media elicited mixed reactions from Kenyans online who expressed their feelings.

Terry Kigundu - If these are the lessons taught during your men conference then I beg the patron discontinues the contract of your lead trainer and curriculum developer. This requires a very urgent curriculum review committee of experts. I'm willing to offer my probono services.

James Kamanda - Its normal she is a beautiful lady, humble and down to earth any man loves that kind of a woman, all the best brother.

Fredrick Nderitu - A little beating will instill discipline in you,do you know she is married.

Maggie Claire -  it's good to have such dreams.

Janet Oyunge - Boychild should ask for economic empowerment. That's more important regardless whether she accepts the proposal (We all know she is married!) or not.

Moses Winde - You can criticize the man as much as you want but no one truly knows what he feels in his heart.... Come on bro... keep it up.

On Friday, February 14, 2020, another man, identified as Kennie Balo, opened up about his admiration and love for Baringo Senator Gideon Moi’s daughter.