Chinese man assault video - Kenyan employee now says it was a prank

Dennis Omogah, a supervisor at the Chinese Chez Wou restaurant said that the incidents on viral video were part of a prank.

The viral video showed a man of Asian descent unleashing his wrath on one of the employees, identified as Simon Oseko.

According to Omogah, Oseko wanted money to buy Muguka and dared the Chinese chef to stroke him after which he would give him money.

Muguka is a stimulant whose green leaves are chewed to achieve similar effects as those of khat or miraa

He added that before the beating, the chef had told him to go and pick money from the counter so that it is deducted from his salary at the end of the month.

Omogah added that Oseko did not like that option and insisted that the beating was the better option.

"He wanted money to go buy muguka, the Chinese chef told him to go and ask for money from the counter so that its deducted from his end month salary.

“He did not want to do that, he instead told him to beat him and then give him the money," said Omogah.

He added that Oseko’s lawyers wrote to the hotel’s management asking for Sh800,000 compensation.

"His lawyers wrote to the restaurant asking for Sh800,000 compensation, but we were wondering why compensate him all that money” added Omogah.

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) on Monday, February 10, 2020, announced that the Chinese suspect was arrested and was in lawful custody.