KOT rally behind Lucy Gatimu after being bullied on Twitter

Lucy Gatimu, a mother of two on Sunday, February 2, 2020, took to social media to ask for help for her children but was met by a ruthless Twitter user who insulted her.

Gatimu was responding to a social media post by a Twitter user identified as Osama Otero, after he asked Kenyans to support each other.

Talking to netizens, Otero had asked Kenyans to save some money to help school-going children to change their perspective of life by at least buying them a pair of shoes.

The post prompted Lucy to respond by asking that her children be helped.

“Start with me niko na my two girls wako shule na nahitaji extra uniform niache kufua kila siku” read the post.

Loosely translates to “I have two girls who need extra uniforms so that I stop washing theirs every day” stated lucy.

Otero quickly responded harshly to her and asked her to sell her phone, buy her children uniforms, then buy a cheaper phone with the money that remains.

It was Lucy’s apology that attracted the attention of social media users who were following the story.

“Wooi sikua na ubaya, I was just requesting, I\\\\\\\'m sorry kama nimekuudhi by asking for help”

“I am sorry if I have offended you by asking for help” apologized lucy.

The majority of the users found Otero’s response to be rude and unkind.

Otero\\\\\\\'s response prompted netizens to rally behind the lady, whose low moment turned out to be her moment of joy.

From hotels that invited both herself and her children for free lunches to website developers who offered the lady free domain name to help boost her business, her blessings were many.