Five hacks to transform your home

A house from outside might capture someone’s attention, but this will change in seconds if the interior decor is poorly done. Or you might get bored by your home decor. After all, you spend a lot of time in the house and it is easy to feel like you want a change.

Here are a few hacks to ensure that you turn your 'boring' house into a masterpiece.

Let in light

Allow light to get into the room from the windows and with a good choice of lighting bulbs.

At a time like January, for instance, when the sun is out and the cold of December is fading away, you can switch to lighter curtains and sheers to let in more light.

Good lighting brings out the room’s colours and overall aesthetics and beauty.

The amount of light in your space reflects your personality.

Change curtains

Curtains occupy a large percentage of every room. If you want to change your decor outlook without breaking the bank, curtains are a great place to start.

Before getting new curtains, however, one has to be cautious of its fabric, colour, lining and length, among other things.

Your curtains should be able to blend with the furniture around it such as the sofa set and dining table. If you have a high ceiling, go for long curtains.

Ensure that the curtains allow light into the house.

Carpets and rugs

Change the carpets and rugs. Depending on the colours you are going for, you can change area rugs, the carpet, or both.

You can slowly accumulate carpets and rugs for different seasons - cold or hot - and switch them regularly.

And if you do not want to buy new carpets and rugs, how about switching them from different rooms and spaces?

Ensure that the colour of the table and the rug are contrasting, for example dull colour with bright colour, white seats with a black carpet. Also ensure there is space between the rugs and the seats.

Please do away with the common rectangle placed rugs. You can tilt the rug to 45 degrees portraying creativity and a sense of adventure.

Win with wallpapers

Do you have plain looking walls? Give them a new lease of life with wallpapers.

Wallpapers have come to be a quick go to to transform the look of a house without having to do a lot of work. 

Today, there is a wide range of wallpapers in the market, with tones in 2D or 3D.

Artistic wall papers allow you to express your personality and decor outlook. The best thing is that you can switch after a while, keeping your space vibrant all year round.

2020 will be focusing more on human line wallpapers but one can place illusion and animal wallpapers.

Rearrange furniture

This is probably the easiest and cheapest way to change how your house looks.

Bored and need a different look? Simply rearrange your furniture. You can change the placement of different items around the sitting room, for instance.

If the space allows, you can even change the entire orientation of the rooms by say placing the entertainment unit - usually the focal point of a living room - at a different location and re-orienting your living space around it.

As you do this, you can change cushions for your sofa sets by getting different colours to change the texture and depth of the room. And if you’ve changed your curtains, how about complementing them with cushions?

And finally, do not forget to play around with the scent in your house. Smell is another sense that can give your space a different feel.  

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