Moi Educational Centre's new high school wing opens doors

Baringo Senator Gideon Moi (second left) unveils Moi Educational Centre High School's logo at the institution in Nairobi yesterday. [Elvis Ogina, Standard]

Moi Educational Centre High School has opened its doors to day scholars seeking admission to the institution.

Yesterday, the management of the mixed school located a few kilometres from Nairobi's Central Business District said student recruitment was ongoing.

The official opening is scheduled for January 13, 2020, with new admissions targeting students seeking to join Form One and Two.

Full transition

Moi Educational Centre chairperson Paul Chemng’orem said the opening of the day school option was aimed at supporting the government’s ambition to realise 100 per cent transition of pupils to secondary schools.

“The opening will ease the burden of limited day high schools and provide parents with an extra choice of schools in the category,” said Mr Chemng’orem.

Chemng’orem said that the institution was geared towards harnessing the potential of all its students regardless of their cultural or religious affiliation.

The school's management spoke yesterday at the institution during the unveiling of the school logo by Baringo Senator Gideon Moi, on behalf of the school patron, former President Daniel Moi.

Ms Caroline Muriuki, of Medialink PR and Advertising Company, which was behind the logo's design said the Latin inscription it bears, Contendunt Excellentiam, means striving for excellence.

The logo, designed in a month, has a bright golden sun denoting a bright future for students and a clear sky for transparency and clarity of mind. The white skies represent aiming beyond the horizon in pursuit of success.

The board chairperson said the high school was a continuation of a legacy started by the school patron, who believed in quality education for all.

Gideon said the opening of the school was a dream come true and actualisation of an idea hatched three decades ago out of passion for the provision of quality education.

“Former President Moi believed in education. His vision to have a Kenya free of illiteracy still lingers in the minds of his vision carriers. A lot of us here are recipients of his strong education policies as well as support,” said Gideon.

He said education was a pedestal that will ensure that Kenya is a healthy and wealthy nation.

“It is the only sure way of attaining peace amongst us. It is the only equaliser between the haves and the have-nots,” said the senator.

God-given abilities

He added: “What ails us as a nation is not a disease but the lack of knowledge to treat the disease called ignorance. Ignorance prohibits us from realising our God-given abilities to conquer the challenges that we face.”

Gideon said he strongly believes that the school will increase the education space and close the gap on mixed day schools.

“The school will partner and support the Government of Kenya in the roll-out of the CBC (competency-based curriculum). This will ensure collective success in the training of our teachers, hence best teaching practices in our classrooms,” he promised as he handed over the logo.