Excite your space with a creative mix of colours

Imagine a world with only one colour, it would be dull. However, the challenge is in finding the right colour combination.

Colour mixing can appear tiring, interesting and creative at the same time .

Maroon, yellow and black

Maroon is known for its vibrant effect. It brings out passion, warmth and beauty. It can marry well with yellow’s uplifting vibe.

Yellow is a friendly colour channels a happy, energetic mood. It makes the room feel expansive and welcoming. It can also be used on curtains, dining room, kitchen and bathrooms.

Black, on the other hand is sophisticated and gives a dramatic effect. It shows formal elegance, authority, power and some consider it a prestigious colour.

Black gives room a sense of depth and it is encouraged to use it, even if the slightest bit, in a room.

When you put these colours together you have a creative fusion that is at once homely and vibrant.

Orange and Brown

The magic to a rumbling stomach happens in the kitchen, so how about orange and brown with a splash of white?

Orange is stimulating with an energising effect. White, on the other hand, being a neutral colour combines well with other colours. It can be used to reduce the aggression of orange by giving your space a calming effect.

Apart from being used on the ceiling, it can also be use on countertops and cupboards.

Brown walls bring out the contrast between it and the other colours, it is an earthy colour that makes for a good background.

Purple and green

The eye catching combination of royalty and vegetation can steal anyone’s gaze. Simplicity at its best.

While purple is associated with luxury and royalty, there is an even more intriguing hidden psychological effect that few people know about. It is believed to help in fertility, thus the best choice for a bedroom.

Green symbolises harmony and has a soothing effect. Blue can be used as an alternative for green. It also has calming effect that soothes the mind.  

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