Learn to package yourself from the time you are young

Many employers and business people tend to have abusive relationships with their employees and service providers. The biggest nightmare facing service providers is delayed payments that threatens to drive them out of business. Today I share a few ideas to help you avoid sticky situations with foul employers.

Always be professional even when dealing with friends, whether it is lending small loans to them or helping them write a proposal. Always value yourself and your time. Do not be mean, just be polite and firm. If it is a service you are offering, define the boundaries, even if it is probono. Secondly, always dress the part. Pick a style that works for you and stick with it.  Dressing well shows that you take your work seriously.

Always be punctual. Kenyans notoriously do not keep time. Arrive early and should the person coming to meet you, even if they are the president or some CEO, arrive late, make your displeasure known, and they will know how to deal with you in the future. And, always get a lawyer to draw your contracts. People fear commitments, and this is an easy way to keep jokers away. Always have a lawyer and a friendly cop on speed dial.

Anytime you offer some service, invoice immediately. In the contract, always define the terms of payment, and the window period, after that, hire debt collectors and chase the person who owes you out of town.  Lastly, have a website and an online presence. Keep the pages professional. Distinguish business from personal stuff.