Drama in Siaya as police officer beats up his boss senseless in public

The officers were separated by colleagues. Members of the public were ordered out of the police station precincts. [Courtesy]

Locals in Ugunja, Siaya County, were treated to a free-for-all drama when a police corporal beat up his boss for allegedly insulting him.

The incident, which occurred at Ugunja Police Station, left members of the public, who had gone to seek services at the station and passersby tongue-tied as the two officers, in full-service uniform went for each other’s’ necks.

According to sources, the police corporal pounced on his senior who was seated under a tree at the station, landing heavy kicks and blows on him. The victim had allegedly accused the corporal of indiscipline.

“The sergeant was sitting under a tree, when the corporal passed by and he started abusing him, calling him inept,” said a witness who added that the corporal initially ignored his senior.

However, said the witness who had gone to the station to seek services, when the senior persisted with the accusations whenever the corporal passed by, the junior answered back and tried to defend himself.

This seemed to irk the boss and led to a verbal exchange from both sides before the junior unexpectedly pounced, sending the sergeant sprawling.

It took the intervention of senior police officers to stop the fight. Members of the public were ordered out of the police station precincts.

Siaya County police boss Francis Kooli said the two officers disagreed, adding that disciplinary measures have been instituted and a team appointed to handle the matter.

“They quarrelled in public and the Sub-County police boss has instituted a disciplinary board to look into the matter. Action will be taken against anybody found culpable,” he said.