Isiolo finance executive quits citing corruption fears

The county executive committee member for finance Mwenda Thiribi has quit his job citing frustration and insubordination.

Mr Thiribi (pictured) accused some individuals in Governor Abdi Kuti's office of working behind his back while engaging in graft.

The executive, in a resignation letter to Dr Kuti, said although he was supposed to be in charge of county coffers, he had been denied access to the Integrated Financial Management System (IFMIS).

“I have been cut off IFMIS, I have pushed it to the highest level without success. My not having a personal number was delayed for many months," Thiribi said in a letter dated October 26.  

He told the Governor at one point he stopped salaries using the manual system but that was reversed.

“I am convinced this is a deliberate intention to block me from accessing financial reports. I now suspect what I forward is not what is paid. My efforts to have an internal auditor audit payments were blocked," he wrote.

He claimed there had been massive looting through imprest, vehicle repairs, fuel and circumventing internal controls to pay unsupported vouchers.

Thiribi claimed the procurement department was controlled by a powerful cartel that had resisted scrutiny. The Governor could not be reached for comment.