30 fall sick after eating meat from dead cow in Baringo

Marigat sub-county hospital

More than 30 villagers in Baringo South have been taken ill after eating contaminated meat.

Residents of Kamnarok village, Mochongoi, who spoke to The Standard said the victims consumed meat from a cow that died on Thursday evening.

Area assistant chief, Samuel Kibon said despite the owner’s directing that the dead cow is buried, some villagers slaughtered and ate meat.

“The cow was sick and had been treated for a long period. Some workers defied orders to bury the carcass and instead slaughtered it and gave the meat to neighbours,” said Kibon.


He added that more than 10 families who shared the meat were affected and sought treatment in various hospitals in Baringo and Nyandarua County.

“The meat was shared among almost 10 households where every person suffered the same symptoms,” he added.

Monicah Cheresam said she suffered stomach pain after eating the meat.

The mother-of-three said all her family members had similar symptoms.

“I suffered severe stomach pain, vomiting and became weak. All my children suffered the same symptoms,” said Cheresam.


The assistant chief cautioned residents against eating uninspected meat.

“This would have been worse,” he said.

Those who showed severe symptoms were transferred to various hospitals in Nyandarua. Others were treated from local dispensaries and discharged.

Among those who were affected were two pupils from Ngarie Primary school.