Earth tremor sends residents into panic

A section of the Mai-Mahiu - Narok Road cut off by floods. [Photo: Courtesy]

Residents of Marigat in Baringo County are living in fear after they experienced a series of earth tremors in the past one week.

The locals said they fear there might be an earthquake or a volcanic eruption in the area.

“The tremors have happened repeatedly since the beginning of this month. People are now living in fear because we do not know when the next attack will happen,” said Joseph Kiprop, a resident.

He said the first tremor that occurred on March 5 caused objects in the houses to fall down. 

“The tremors mostly occur in the afternoon and at night. The shaking is extreme and causes destruction,” he said.

Another local, Agnes Cheptebkei said the tremors last for more than 30 seconds and that some residents have suffered injuries.

“Many people get scared when the tremors occur. Others are injured as they run, fearing for their lives,” she said.

One building was partially destroyed during the attack that happened on Friday and property of unknown value destroyed.

“We are worried there might be an earthquake waiting to happen. The shores of Lake Baringo have been expanding,” said Ms Cheptebkei.

Mercy Cheburet, a geologist working in Baringo County attributed the tremors to fault lines that are still active along the Rift Valley.

“The cause could be active fault lines along the rift. The heavy rains may have contributed to the effect that is being experienced in this area,” she said.

She advised locals to report any cracks they may see on their walls.