More than 20 schools closed down as drought bites on

The schools have sent pupils home due to lack of water. [Photo: Courtesy]

Hundreds of pupils are out of school as drought continues to ravage parts of the county.

Learning has been interrupted in more than 20 schools in Tiaty, with Silale and Kolowa wards being the most affected.

Kipnai Primary Boarding School head teacher Joseph Bor told The Standard he had sent pupils home due to lack of water in the school.

He said the situation was the same in most schools in the area.

“The shortage has greatly affected learning in various schools in this area. Most of them are deserted,” he said.

In Silale ward, learning has been interrupted in eight primary schools and two Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) centres in the last two weeks.

Kapedo East Assistant Chief Lomunasiwa Kelemuria said most schools were deserted as teachers and pupils went in search of water.

Residents walk

“Residents walk as far as 20km in search of water,” he said.

Nalekat, Natam, Sokulen, Cheptunoiyo and Orusion primary schools are among schools that have been closed.  Also affected are Tablen and Top Lane ECDE centres.

Others, like Tiling’wa Primary School, are on the verge of closing.

“We do not have water to take us through the coming week. All the tanks are empty and boreholes dried up,” said the school's head teacher.

County Director of Education Willie Muchocho said his office was working to supply the affected schools with water to ensure that pupils remained in class.

“We are working with the ministry to ensure that water bowsers are stationed in the schools during the dry season. This will help to ensure that the pupils attend classes,” said the director.