Western leaders accuse Miguna of creating divisions in NASA, claim he is a mole

NASA Western Region coordinator Khalid Njiraini who led Western leaders in condemning Miguna.[Photo by Eric Lungai/Standard]

NASA leaders from western have claimed that National Resistance Movement (NRM) general Miguna Miguna is a Jubilee mole.

They accused the self-proclaimed general for creating divisions in NASA and serving the interests of Jubilee.

Led by Khalid Njiraini, NASA Western Region coordinator, they condemned Miguna Miguna for his attacks on NASA CEO Norman Magaya.

“We wish to inform Miguna Miguna that if there is a Jubilee mole in NASA and NRM then it is him and not Norman Magaya,” said Njiraini.

Miguna Miguna who was deported by the government to Canada claimed that Magaya and NASA strategist David Ndii are being used by Jubilee to kill NASA dreams.

However, the leaders accused Miguna Miguna for hypocrisy saying in the recent past he was attacking NASA leader Raila Odinga and even wrote a book which is still in circulation of the market.

“Magaya has been fought by Jubilee for his radical position, he even lost EALA seat because of his fierce criticism of the Jubilee government. He has served the interests of NASA for long and Miguna Miguna should keep off from attacking him,” he said.

He alleged that Miguna Miguna might have been paid money by Jubilee not to file a petition challenging the election of Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko.

“Miguna Miguna was a candidate for Nairobi gubernatorial seat, he accepted defeat and moved on which might be translate to facts that he was paid not to contest the results in court,” Njiraini said.

He noted that Magaya does not need permission from Miguna Miguna to speak or address NASA supporters locally and internationally.

The leaders also claimed that Miguna Miguna was not part of the formation of NRM and he should stop attributing himself as NRM general.

“We will use all constitutional means to bring him back to Kenya but he must respect NASA leaders,” he said.